Louis Onwugbenu

Biography Of Louis Onwugbenu (Net Worth) Owner Louis Carter Nigeria

Louis Onwugbenu is the founder and owner of Louis Carter Nigeria , He is from Nnewi , Anambra State.

His Net Worth is Valued at $120 Million

Louis Onwugbenu (Louis Carter Moore) established Louis Carter Industries.

Mr. Onwugbenu received his nickname during his weekly trips to Lagos for spare parts selling. He sold them under the famous Carter Bridge.

Louis Onwugbenu
Louis Carter Nigeria

Louis Carter managed to reinvest his earnings into producing car batteries and fittings for pipes. Besides, he involved in agriculture, food industry, and real estate.

Mr. Onwugbenu became a multi-millionaire before he reached 30 years old.

His conglomerate owns the Carter Industrial Estate which occupies a lot of acres area in Nnewi.

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