Cletus Ibeto

Biography Of Cletus Ibeto (Net Worth) Owner Ibeto Group

The Nnewi born billionaire Cletus Ibeto is the owner and founder of Ibeto Group , One of the Biggest companies in Nigeria , he was born on 6 November 1952 (age 67 years).

A Graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

He Got married to Augustina Ifeyinwa Okpala and his married is blessed with many children.

Cletus Ibeto’s Net Worth is valued at $3.7 billion US dollars

 Cletus Ibeto
Cletus Ibeto

Cletus Ibeto is a successful businessman. The Ibeto Group is considered the largest industrial company in the Southeast of Nigeria.

He started as an apprentice of an auto spare parts dealer. Then Mr. Ibeto started his importing business with acid car batteries in Nigeria.

He managed to make a conglomerate. The main fields of his business are hospitality with a large number of hotels, motor items, real estate, mineral oils, agriculture, and banking. In 2018, Ibeto Cement Company Limited was reverse merged with Century Petroleum Corporation.

It’s a publicly-traded oil exploration and production enterprise. The company entered the world market. Mr. Ibeto received 70% controlling interest of the enterprise became the Chairman of the Board.

The list of rich and successful men in Nnewi is really long. All of these entrepreneurs are working hard for the good of their country and for obtaining their profits too.

Based on the information available on, Cletus Ibeto is the richest man with Nnewi origin.

Besides, he occupies the second place among the richest Igbo man and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

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